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What we set out to do this year

  • have a full calendar of activities to sustain the Brimstage Orchard, take on a manageable increase in work projects, sharing of skills and public events to raise the public awareness of tree issues.

  • to be more business-like:  agree a formal constitution (either/or as charity, Company limited by guarantee, or other Social Enterprise, as advised by Tree Council) renew insurance, update risk assessments and safety plans

  • Hold an AGM to elect officers ( incl. a secretary and a treasurer) and committee (which can include all supporters and tree wardens who want to help make decisions on our behalf.

  • Open a bank account and prepare fuller accounts

  • Make some money/ apply for grants as required

  • form an agreement and an overall management plan with Leverhulme Estates for us to have a secure and detailed use of the Orchard

  • Build up tree warden membership, both individual members, representatives from conservation areas, park friends groups, conservation and wildlife projects and other interested groups

  • Increase a wider group of supporters, including use of social media

  • Raise the profile, visibility & public recognition of Tree Wardens in the Wirral

  • Improve our collection of information about wider tree issues and about local tree threats in time to take action

  • Build collaboration with Tree Council, Woodland Trust, Forestry Commission, Orchard Network, Cheshire Wildlife, CPRE, TCV

  • Re-assign tree wardens to designated areas of Wirral

  • Improve communications with members and supporters through newsletters and social media, without overloading them

  • Share our calendar of volunteer work opportunities with TCV, WEN and Project Dirt

  • Meet and get to know council and other public bodies concerned with trees, to improve our collection of information, possible collaborative work & establish effective contacts for prompt enforcement/ protection

  • Get involved in a Wirral-wide Tree Strategy to protect, improve and extend our treescape

  • Celebrate our achievement

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