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Brimstage Orchard: the Orchard Book, Ch. 11



 Red Pear- C4, C5, D3, D4, E3, E4

The pears are a bright red, small and densely packed on a neat and quite ornamental tree. The fruit stays hard, inedible and too poorly flavoured to be worth cooking or juicing until mid/late-September, then suddenly goes grey and mushy. We hope to catch it at the right time to pick it and either pickle or stew it. It hasn't got enough character, sweetness or tannin to be a good perry pear, does not store well and is unlikely to make a dessert pear.


The variety name is "Partridge." It was briefly popular in the 1990's but, as the disadvantages we've found became apparent to the tree stockists, they have discontinued it. to be reviewed next year for possible replacement

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