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We have some incorrect email address for a few members of WTW 
All members should have recently received an email from us 
If not
1   Check your Junk email folder
2  contact us at


Wirral Tree Wardens are a volunteer group who self-fund most of their activities.

Help support our work by becoming a member.

We have a modest membership fee of £10 per year ( 1st April to 31st March )

This covers the purchase of materials, equipment, room hire, volunteer and public liability insurance and our membership of the Tree Council and its national network of tree warden groups.

It also covers the cost of free courses for members provided by Tree Council and Tree Warden Groups

There are 3 ways to join Wirral Tree Wardens

1.  Complete the online form below to give us your membership details. You can't make direct payment via our website, but you can follow the guidance below if you use on-line banking to pay your on-line bank).

2.  Download here then print out & complete a membership form. If you can't download, please email the membership secretary (at to post you out a form. 

3.  Fill in a membership form at any of our events.

For the subscription, you can pay by cash, cheque or Bank Transfer from your own on-line banking

Details for Bank Transfer

name     Wirral Tree Warden Network,

Bank      Santander,

Sort Code Number: 09-01-29  

A/C 36975569.

Referenceyour BACS form   “M" +  your surname,

that way we'll know that bank payments are for you & your membership.

Once received, the Treasurer will email to you confirming your membership.

Note:  if you complete the on-line form, we are automatically notified and will reply

if you do not get a response within 7 days, please email the membership secretary at 

I wish to pay by

If you're sending a cheque, please make it payable to

Wirral Tree Warden Network

and post to 

Membership Secretary

Wirral Tree Wardens

c/o 68 Durley Drive



CH43 3AZ

GDPR  - Data Protection

Wirral Tree Wardens

What Information do we need from you, why & what do we do with it.

We need to know the following:

  1. Your name,

  2. address,

  3. email 

  4. contact phone number(s)

We use this information so that we can contact you about events, courses and relevant local & national news items about tree issues.

For volunteer events, we need a record of members present, for insurance purposes. 

You give your consent by completing this form or signing in on a volunteer activity. We occasionally need to share your information with other, linked organisations, such as the Tree Council tree warden data base. We will only do this when it is necessary to offer you this service, or if we are required to do so by law.

We do not share it with anyone else.

We will take all reasonable steps to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. Only the people who need to see your personal information will be allowed access to it. We will not send your information to any outside organisation, individual or company.

How long will we keep it for? We will only keep this information for as long as necessary or as the law requires.

you may also wish, if you take part in volunteer activities, to pass on information such as emergency contacts or health problems that might flare up, or if you carry a medic alert or similar notification. This is entirely up to you and would be held in a sealed envelope in the first aid box, in case any emergency arises. ( One of us, for example, has an anticoagulant medication that needs to be mentioned to first aiders or ambulance crews should an accident happen)

What if something changes? If the information you provided changes, or your circumstances change, or if you'd rather not be on our data base please contact us

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