from 2021:


the traditional orchard was planned for fruit to be ready at different times and some varieties that keep well into the next year.

in the order of readiness for picking, we have:


James Grieve apples

wild crab apples


Grenadier apples 

Denbigh Plum

Worcester Pearmain apples

Redsleeves apples

Greensleeves apples

Withington Welter apples

Lord Derby apples

Annie Elizabeth apples

Red Partridge pears

Bramley apples

Cox's apples

Rival apples

Burr Knot apples

Court Pendu Plat apples

Comice pears

Conference pears

Malus Baccata

Egremont Russet apples

Crawley Beauty apples

Brimstage Apple Day and Heritage & History Day: Sunday 19th September from 10:00 to 4pm

Thanks for your support: 22 volunteers, est. 340 attendance, lots of money raised, lots of cake, juice and cider given to visitors!


Brimstage Orchard:


orchard work will resume shortly, with some clearance of hedgerow brash and some summer pruning.


late July - mid August:

Most Thursdays & Saturdays: clearing of grass, wildflowers and brush from underneath plum and damson trees, Summer pruning: check for dates! 

mid August: mowing under the plum, damson and cherry trees

mid-late August: harvesting plum, damson and cherry

late August : removal of watershoots/excessive vertical vegetative growth from Apples and Pears

late August - October: mowing and weed clearance under fruit trees, following the order of their readiness for picking*: 

(late August - October)We hope to have more apple days at  West Kirby Farmers' Market, Burton Village Farmers Market, New Ferry Butterfly Park, Norton Priory, Garden Church, Lees Lane Ponds, Caldy Park, Hoylake, Oxton, etc. at dates to be confirmed

Watch out on Facebook and here for fruit picking session as the different apples ripen

other working days and events cannot be regular at the moment, but when resumed:

For regular Thursday morning work meetings of Friends of  Lees Lane Ponds, Little Neston - Robert, 07879625282

For regular Friday morning work meetings of Friends of Dibbinsdale:

Alan Smail 0151 334 9851

For sessions on Wednesday and Friday at St James Community Hub, contact Wirral Environmental Network CLICK

For sessions at the Loop (opposite Leasowe Lidl) or the Tree nursery get details from the Wallasey Tree Planting Group Facebook page  CLICK,

For regular Monday morning work meetings of Friends of Burton Manor Gardens leave your name and phone number on the answerphone at 0151 345 1107

click here for New Ferry Butterfly Park

click here for Norton Priory events:

tree warden

event contacts:

Orchards/plantings/grafting: Dave 07985797287;

Tree Census: Roger 07989240050,


Gen (text message, please) 07979754011,

Lees Lane Ponds: Robert 07879625282