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for the immediate future, any announcements will be on the Wirral Tree Network Facebook, and you can go there by clicking on this Link. 

When the reorganisation is completed, and events start up again, there will be a tree wardens page via the Wirral Borough Council website and we'll add a new link


Brimstage Orchard

The new Tree Warden set-up will exclude work at Brimstage Orchard, for which there is only an informal agreement and no security of tenure. This could cause problems with insurance for future warden activities and for cover for public liability.

Friends of the Brimstage Orchard, including the beekeepers, volunteers in other local orchards, well-being and yoga groups who use Brimstage and Wirral Pomona are in discussion with the Estate owners, to provide a basis for continuing the work there.


We are sorry there have been no recent Orchard tree maintenance days at Brimstage Orchard. We've had only a minimum of work, until a new Friends' group is formed and has full public and volunteer liability insurance. But what about the immediate needs in the next 2 months for fruit picking?

But! Thanks to insurance cover from Heritage Open Days, Steve and Dave have asked the Estate for permission for an Orchard Open Day on Sunday 10th September, from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. You're very welcome to visit and see the work of beekeepers, basket weavers, artists, cake and jam makers, pick and taste the orchard fruits

This ties in with other events such as the estate cycleways (Link) and the Heritage Open Days across UK & Europe (Link)


There are discussions about how the orchard will be supported after the change in Tree Warden management and an announcement will be made here and on Facebook when this is ready.

Thanks to all the Tree Wardens, Members of Wirral Wildlife, Wirral Countryside Volunteers, Wirral Pomona & the Orchard Network and other volunteers, campaigners and enthusiasts who, over the last 25 years have helped to restore and maintain this valuable heritage orchard



Apple pressing again thanks to borrowing the press from

Wirral Pomona Apple Juice and Cider Making Network and support from Wirral Tree Wardens and Brimstage Orchard group.

So bring your own apples to turn into delicious juice

Thursday afternoons from 1.30 till 4pm, starting 7th September

Wirral Country Park

Lees Lane


CH64 7TH

from Thursday, September 7th,

For regular Thursday morning work meetings of Friends of  Lees Lane Ponds, Little Neston - Robert, 07879625282

For regular Friday morning work meetings of Friends of Dibbinsdale:

Steve 0151 334 9851

For sessions on Wednesday and Friday at St James Community Hub, contact Wirral Environmental Network CLICK

For sessions at the Loop (opposite Leasowe Lidl) or the Tree nursery get details from the Wallasey Tree Planting Group Facebook page  CLICK,

For regular Monday morning work meetings of Friends of Burton Manor Gardens leave your name and phone number on the answerphone at 0151 345 1107

click here for New Ferry Butterfly Park

click here for Norton Priory events:

 event contacts:


Lees Lane Ponds: Robert 07879625282

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