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Brimstage Orchard - Update

The new arrangements for organising the Wirral Tree Wardens means that they will not be able to operate the Orchard in the same way. There is discussion about some changes in working with volunteers and partner groups. There will be an announcement shortly about new arrangements.

This is some of the background to the orchard.

Brimstage Orchard was originally developed by the late Lord Leverhulme, although there were some fruit trees for the Hall and the house behind from Victorian times. It was initially planted and managed by Estate staff and contractors, shaped and pruned the trees as they established.


As part of a farm stewardship project to plant and conserve heritage trees, to recreate a traditional orchard, grazed by animals. With advice from John Magee and others at Wirral Wildlife, part of the Cheshire Wildlife Trust. The estate improved the support for the orchard, with regular mowings and hedge clippings and ensuring that contractors show more care with vehicles on site and cause less damage to trunks from mowers. 

John and Wirral Wildlife were asked to take the orchard on, but as it was difficult to restore, develop and maintain the orchard alongside their many other projects, they surveyed and charted what varieties the trees were and passed responsibility to Wirral Tree Wardens. 


The wardens use Brimstage as a demonstration orchard to learn and to pass on skills in looking after trees, fruit and wildlife. Wardens have attended courses to gain skills to pass on - Reaseheath, Norton Priory, Cheshire Landscape Trust, Erddig, Henry Doubleday (Garden Organic), and with conservation volunteers. Many wardens and helpers have a wide range of skills both through study, practice, experience; from previous work, life-long interests and from involvement with other conservation and environmental groups. Many people from small community orchards also help from time to time, so it's a good source of inspiration for other local initiatives, which we support in return.

We're keeping an open log of what we're doing, so this is the on-line "Orchard Book" showing something of the different varieties of tree. What we've done in the past and what we plan to do next.

You can read a bit more of the history of Brimstage Orchard here.

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