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Brimstage Orchard: the Orchard Book 14



Other Pears-

D6 has been regrafted with "Green Chisel" an old Lancashire/Cumbria variety of pear. It is small, green and ripens early with a well-rounded flavour and compact growing habit

several Williams with no fruit or poor fruit in 2020 have been grafted with "Brimstage 1" from the tall pear tree in the garden behind the Mouse. This has small fuit which matures early and keeps much better than the red pear.

E4 and some of the red partridge pears are being regrafted with "Brimstage 2" and old tree in the Mouse's garden next to the hedged enclosure. The fruit is also small, matures early with an excellent honey-like flavour

there are four more pear trees locally with a history of over 100 years that it is proposed to graft on in the next year.

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