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Learning about being a Tree Warden

"Tree Wardens are local tree champions who plant, look after and stand up for the trees in their patch. Whether you want to get your hands in the earth and plant trees, raise awareness about trees in your local community, or simply be the eyes, ears and voice for the trees down your street, you have what it takes to be a Tree Warden!"

"Tree Wardens are volunteers - they have no powers to interfere or to go onto private land, but they can do a great deal of good by speaking up for trees and by taking action as volunteers together with other groups in their community"

" Tree Wardens can help hold the authorities to account, for how they protect and extend the trees in our landscape."

(In Wirral, we've helped establish a strategy for the local authority to follow, in looking after trees in our area and we continue to use our members' views and questions to press for successes in our treescape.)


No experience or qualifications are needed to join us. Just an interest in in trees. You may want to plant trees, care, protect and survey them. You may want to help identify some trees that are distinct, very old, champions for their size and species or just to visit and admire their beauty.

We have a demonstration orchard at Brimstage where you can learn to take care of trees, from pruning to harvesting the fruit.

We offer a free short introduction course to what a Tree Warden is.

As you can see from all that's said above, it's both valuable and limited, and we will help all our members get it right. You are free to get as active and involved as you wish. There is no exam &, of course, no-obligation. 

Tree Warden Introductory Module

The module is free of charge to subscribed members.
It serves as a general introduction to the range of activities with which a tree warden can engage.
There is no obligation for a tree warden to try to do the whole range of activities, each person contributes what they feel comfortable doing (with support).

All Tree Wardens have to be part of a Tree Warden Network (like ours in Wirral) and have to have completed this introductory course. This is supported by a learning guide

"Championing Your Local Trees "

course participants will receive an electronic copy via email

The course also includes an overview of further optional modules, all free of charge, for those who have completed the introductory session.


Tree Wardens can then choose to do some of these other Modules

Module 1: Trees and the law

This module is designed to enable Tree Wardens to strengthen their knowledge base in relation to trees and the law, build relationships with their communities and increase awareness. Key topics covered include tree ownership, legal protection for trees, ancient and heritage trees and wildlife site designations. 


Module 2: Tree biology

A peek into the fascinating science of trees, this module helps you understand a tree as a dynamic living system made up of various parts and processes which enable it to grow and reproduce.

Module 3: Tree Planting

Module 4: Managing and caring for trees

Module 5: Tree Health

Module 6: Tree threats  

Threats and challenges

This module outlines some of the challenges that trees face including in gardens, near existing buildings, on development sites and how Tree Wardens can help.

Module 7: Organising community tree events

The Tree Council also produce more courses such as about hedges and hedgerows.

Wirral Tree Wardens hope to be able to offer these modules, alongside some practical hedgework with our partner groups

Tree Wardens in Wirral teach a range of orchard crafts, which are useful in community orchards and your own trees: pruning, grafting, checking for diseases and pests. These courses mostly take place at Brimstage in appropriate seasons.


Wirral Tree Wardens also work with other groups, such as Wirral Wildlife, Wirral Environmental Network, Wirral Countryside Volunteers, Norton Priory, & various Park Friends groups. There may be individual charges for these courses,


Most have courses or activities where beginners are especially welcome.

These include a lot of tree, orchard, hedgerow and woodland based crafts including measuring, identifying, documenting and propagating trees and hedges.

We will list these on the Wirral Tree Warden Website, Facebook and in mailings to Wardens  and supporters

for training queries, Contact:

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