The Induction Course
Tree Warden Introductory Module

This is the first of seven learning modules and is designed to help you understand the history and structure of the Tree Warden Scheme, the role of Tree Wardens and why trees matter. Key topics covered include an overview of the seven modules, seasonal campaigns, a Tree Warden’s role and an in-depth look at the importance of trees in our environment.

It is supported by a learning guide "Championing Your Local Trees " which will be e-mailed to course participants


Other Courses, also free, are available to those who have completed the introductory session:

Module 1: Trees and the law

complete session, Tuesday 14th June 

Module 2: Tree biology

A peek into the fascinating science of trees, this module helps you understand a tree as a dynamic living system made up of various parts and processes which enable it to grow and reproduce.

Module 3: Threats and challenges

This module outlines some of the challenges that trees face including in gardens, near existing buildings, on development sites and how Tree Wardens can help.


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