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Dear Tree Wardens,


We would like to gauge your interest in some exciting hedgerow training being offered by The Tree Council as part of their new Talk to the Hedge programme.


There will be three sessions in total over the coming year – details below.


Session 1 – Hedgerow Surveying

Overview: Join Sarah from People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) to learn about the Great British Hedgerow Survey and the Healthy Hedgerows Survey. This session will begin with a presentation on what makes a ‘healthy hedgerow’ before we head out into the field to look at different hedge structures and try our hand at surveying. Louise Bowe (The Tree Council, Hedgerow Progamme Manager) will also be on hand to talk through plans for the upcoming Talk to the Hedge programme and how Tree Wardens can get involved.

Learning outcomes: Understand the importance of healthy hedgerows  / Learn how to recognise a healthy hedgerow / Familiarity with the Great British Hedgerow Survey/ Healthy Hedgerows Survey and why we need to survey / Familiarity with the Talk to the Hedge programme

Length: Half day (afternoon)

# of attendees: 15-20

Time of year: 


Session 2 – Hedgerow management

Overview: This session will begin with an introduction to the different methods of hedgerow management, followed by a walk and talk to look at hedgerows nearby and discuss how they could be managed in the future. The day will be led by a hedgerow management expert and there will be lots of opportunities for questions.

Learning outcomes: Consideration of the different management prescriptions available / Understanding of the hedgerow management cycle / Awareness of hedgerows in different stages of management and what can be done to improve them

Length: Half day

# of attendees: 15-20

Time of year: Autumn 2022 – date TBC


Session 3 – Introduction to hedgelaying (for total beginners)

Overview: Practical session to learn about the rural craft of hedgelaying

Learning outcomes: Awareness of hedgelaying as a management technique / Knowledge of hedge laying tools and how to use them safely / How to identify and prepare a hedgerow for laying / Practical knowledge of how to lay a hedge

Length: Full day

# of attendees: 10-12

Time of year: Winter 2023 – date TBC


It is not necessary for an individual Tree Warden to attend every session; you may wish to select those which are most valuable to you as a volunteer, but we know some Tree Wardens may wish to complete the series and they are welcome to do so if capacity allows.


The Tree Council are hoping to open this training up to Tree Wardens both in the Wirral and Lancaster networks, but want to hear from you on the best way to manage this as they are considering training venues between the two locations. Due to limited resources, The Tree Council are only able to offer these sessions to a limited number of Tree Warden networks, so if we are unable to get the interest we need to let them know so they can offer the opportunity to another network.

What do you prefer?

To help us proceed please respond with your preference below:


A: I’d like to attend 1 or more session and I’d be happy to travel approx. 45 minutes – 1 hour to the training venue

B: I’d like to attend 1 or more session but I’d prefer the training venue to be closer to home

C: I’m not interested in attending any of these sessions


Nb. The training will be free but, unfortunately, we can’t cover transport costs.


In view of the imminence of the sessions, if you are interested, please get in touch with me directly


Best wishes, Dave (

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