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 the Tree Council has commissioned these for people who have completed the introductory/induction session

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The Tree Council is also producing more courses about hedges and hedgerows, following last year's "Close the Gap" project. Wirral Tree Wardens hope to be able to offer these modules also, alongside some practical hedgework with our partner groups

The Wirral Tree Warden Network and partner groups, such as Wirral Wildlife, Wirral Environmental Network, Wirral Countryside Volunteers, Norton Priory, Park Friends groups all have courses or activities where beginners are welcome to come and learn while joining in. These include a lot of tree, orchard, hedgerow and woodland based crafts including measuring, identifying, documenting and propagating trees and hedges.

Tree Wardens in Wirral have a range of orchard crafts, which are useful in community orchards and your own trees: pruning, grafting, checking for diseases and pests. These courses mostly take place at Brimstage in appropriate seasons.

We will list these on the Wirral Tree Warden Facebook and in monthly mailings to Wardens/subscribers