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The Annual General Meeting and Picnic, 2022

Brimstage Orchard, 4th September, 2022: all tree wardens, members and supporters welcome to take part. N.B, not all members are up to date with subscriptions, but the membership secretary will be there to assist!

If we have sufficient requests, we'll be there from

10:30 to look at some of the trees which need remedial work or which give us a chance to graft onto existing stocks. We'll choose some older heritage varieties to replace the existing ones which have proved unsuitable. BUT - we need to know how many people are coming to this early session, whether they want to have a tutored grafting session or whether they want to gather damsons - email Dave to let him know

12 noon - picnic and chat - informal discussion on what we have done during covid lockdowns and what we've struggled with. We'll also go over the calendar of events where we need more volunteers

2:00 pm AGM:

1) Financial report:

(2) the meeting may discuss improvements in finances and control as advised by hon. auditor and hon. treasurer and resolve to adopt any agreed changes)

3) Chairperson's report

4) Current Officers stand down: (Chair, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Secretary)

5) Officers for2022/2023 chosen ( the meeting may wish to wait to the first executive meeting to assign roles

6) selection of executive meeting group for 2022/2023

7) training and membership

8) Wirral Tree Warden Network Co-ordinator role: Dave is standing down after 7 years and we need a replacement. 

9) Wirral Tree, Hedgerow and Woodland Strategy: progress and way forward

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