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Welcome to Wirral Tree Wardens
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Dear Tree Lovers

As you may be aware, David Ellwand, the long serving Tree-Coordinator who led the Wirral Tree Wardens over the last years had to stand down last year owing to ill health.

Since then we have been trying to move on and at the same time look at ways to improve the organisation of the Network and make it even more
relevant to you as Tree Wardens or hopefully future Tree Wardens.

To complete this process we have invited the Tree Council (TC) - who run all the Tree Warden groups - to help us to plan the relaunch.
So we are inviting you all to meet and get together at 2.30pm  on Thursday June 1st at Dibbinsdale Nature Reserve to help us plan the way forward. 

Steve Yandell (WTWN Treasurer)

more details on WTW members' page

Are you concerned about a threat to tree/trees in Wirral?
Is it a risk to the public, such as a fallen tree across a road/path?

Call 0151 606 2004 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Call 0151 647 7810 outside of these hours

If it's a tree in a street which is maintained by Wirral Council, report it on Link.
You can check whether a tree is subject to a protection order by the WBC map at LINK.
Is the tree in a conservation area? you can check the map at LINK. 
If the threat is to a tree that is protected, contact Wirral Planning Enforcement at 
The tree protection officer is also contactable at 0151 6918193.

Meanwhile, you can contact us, Wirral Tree Warden Network at
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