we're part of the Wirral Environmental Network, and we support the work in the UK of the Tree Council and associated organisations. We work with conservation volunteers, schools, park rangers, and the many "Friends" organisations that get neighbours active in the parks, open spaces, hedgerows, roadside verges and the loved, but often neglected, areas of the Wirral Peninsula. Join our mailing list, or be

 a Tree Warden, volunteer/supporter, then click here


We try to keep busy, to explore our area's trees and woods. We and our partner groups have lots of projects/collaborations  with the trees we enjoy. We share skills, information, projects and campaigns for tree protection, planting and care in a rapidly changing landscape of threats and opportunities for trees, not least as part of our need to counter the impact of threats to our climate, environment and biodiversity

Partner Groups

we need time and expertise: not excessive, but as much as you enjoy giving.

Our fundraising is basic: sales of fruit preserves from our orchards, gardens and foraging, & donations at events such as Apple Days and Farmers' Markets. We no longer have the sales of refreshments at  Royden Park. So we're looking for new opportunities to raise funds - can you help?

Get Involved

We need more tree wardens and friends to keep an eye on the treescape in our area,

- perhaps looking at trees in parks, gardens and roadsides when walking your dog

- perhaps by being the "tree champion" in your community group, school parents group, or business, and look at bringing trees into any spaces around you. We welcome links with any of the "Friends of.." groups  so Tree Wardens can work with parks, wildlife & conservation areas, museums, libraries and heritage sites

We work closely with:

Conservation Areas Wirral

The Wirral Society

Tree Council

Urban Beekeepers 

We are starting back on a full programme of training, visits and volunteer activities.

Thanks to all who came to The Wirral Tree Wardens' Annual General Business Meeting and Picnic on Sunday 4th September at 2pm at the Orchard at Brimstage.

We made some good plans for the next year's work and rely on your help to raise funds and to raise public awareness of tree issues, both locally and nationally.

Dave is stepping down as Tree Warden Network Coordinator for Wirral, but is still around to help with training and supporting all those who'd like to pick up the various tasks which need to be undertaken.


We're still working with other partners in the Wirral Initiative on Trees to monitor and improve the Strategy for Trees, Hedgerows and Woodlands for Wirral, to shape policy for the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

we're preparing a massive citizen-science project to record (and help preserve) our local trees

We have some more Apple Days and Autumn Walks in the Woods - watch out on Facebook.

Please check that your membership is up to date!  Membership runs from 1st April to 31st March the following year. Perle is our membership secretary at 


Every Thursday from 1pm to 5 pm plus Saturdays from 10 am to 12 noon  - tree planting and tree care at Leasowe - follow this link. (Wallasey Tree Planting Group with the support of Wirral Tree Wardens )


Most Wednesdays from 10:30 am to 1 pm: work tidying up the trees at Brimstage Orchard. Most Saturday afternoons we'll have a varied programme of courses, activity sessions and work: BUT, if you're free and intending to come,  call Dave in advance on pdellwand at hotmail.com. or check our calendar - sometimes weather and health issues lead to cancelled sessions!

remember, we put our most-up-to-date activities on Facebook - (click for link)

If you want to download a paper application form for membership, click here, print it out, fill it in and either post it to Membership, Wirral Tree Warden Network, c/o 68 Durley Drive, Prenton, Wirral, CH43 3AZ or you can scan the completed form & return to wirraltreewardens@hotmail.com
of course, you can do it all

Essential Training:
Tree Wardens aren't expected to be experts, but they need to know some basics about what they can and cannot do as volunteer wardens, and how to be more effective. There are free courses provided by the Tree Council, starting with an induction course. This is ideal for new wardens, but also great to refresh the understanding of established wardens and to guide them in helping new wardens in their area.  We have done 5 induction courses do far, and if there is anyone else who needs to do this course to be acknowledged as a Tree Warden and access our other free courses, please call Dave on 07985797287! more about other courses at this link